“This album embraces the past without compromising it and looks forward to what music in the diaspora can be without losing its roots.” - Wayne Wallace 

“La Voz Del Mar is undoubtedly one of the most significant recordings of this genre” - DJ El Chino (Colombia) 

“With echoes of everything you've liked from south of the equator lurking in the mix, this party on a platter is a hot stuff real deal throughout.” - Chris Spector, Midwest Review (USA) 

“This talented vocalist is acclaimed in the Pacific region for personifying her traditional roots and incorporating them with more contemporary musical styles.” - Dee Dee McNeil 

(USA)“With Torres' beautiful, strong and expressive voice, we are immersed in a universe with a number of genres…” -Tor Hammerø (Norway) 

“Xiomara is a versatile vocalist, with a masterful timbre that moves like a fish in water through different musical currents such as Colombia’s Pacific music, Afro-Cuban Rumba, Flamenco, and more.” - DJ El Chino (Colombia) 

“Xiomara Torres sings in Spanish with passion and sincerity… Her voice is satin smooth and slides over the notes like hot oil.” - Dee Dee McNeil (USA) 

“Altogether, La Voz del Mar has become a calling card and an introduction to this musical landscape, with the brilliant vocalist Xiomara Torres at the center, who makes life smile as often as music from these valleys leads to.” -Tor Hammerø (Norway) 

“Every song recorded here is splendid and touches my heart. Her voice is like a sweet, soothing balm.” - Dee Dee McNeil (USA) 

“La Voz del Mar is… Rhythmic, tasty and perfect.” - DJ El Chino (Colombia)